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Volkswagen X-35 World Championship Malmö 2013 News

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The gold goes to Sweden!

It was a really exciting final day! On the way out of the harbor the wind blew at 11-13 m/s with a bit of swelles on the water. First race began with an general re-call and ended up with a thriller. When the race had been finnished it looked like the gold was going to Audi X Sail Racing Team with Teemu Kekkonen as skipper, Team North Sails Sportswear was two points behind.

During the Championships last race the wind had calmed down a little and then lay on 10-11 m/s. It was this race that decided the outcome of the Worlds and was a really hair-raiser, just as it should be.

When all the boats had crossed the finish line everybody knewed who the winners were. There was also a real tough fight of the bronze medal, only two points was in between the third and fifth place.

The day ended with a Swedish gold to Team North Sails Sportswear and skipper Mikael Lindqvist. The silver went to Finland and Teemu Kekkonen's Audi X Sail Racing Team, the bronze medal went to Team Firefly by Matrisen and Johan Lindell as skipper.

In summary, it has been a successful World Championship with both great sailing and nice After Sails. It started as a sunny sailing in Palma and ended as a real Northern European regatta with good strong winds.


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2013-08-31 Dramatic weather today

There has been very dramatic weather today. The visibility was at times very bad when a rain storm passed by. The weather was at times so bad that only one race could be completed today. Nautiska Racing won the race, with skipper Douglas Eklund. Team Swegon with Sören Junker came second and Team North Sails Sportswear with skipper Mikael Lindqvist took the third place.

- It was exciting and very shifting weather, which made it very exciting to watch the race, says Karolina Ameln, project manager for Volkswagen X-35 World Championship.

It's really tight at the top now, Team North Sails Sportswear are leading with 13 points. Audi X Sail Racing Team, with Teemu Kekkonen is in second place with 18 points and Team Swegon in third place with 26 points.

We are looking forward to tomorrow, the last day of the Worlds.


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2013-08-30 Day two of the X-35 World Championships 2013

The day started with a clean start, unlike the yesterdays first race. The second race started with a general re-call, as the teams were really excited. The third race went flawlessly with unchanged wind and everything went really well. It was crowded at the first rounding and quite evenly between the first two boats.

- We have had really fun on the track today, we have seen a lot so there is some protests expected to come in, says Owe Lundbladh that are sitting in the jury

The results right now: Team North Sails in first place with 10 points, Mikael Lindqvist as skipper. In second place with 12 points is Audi X Sail Racing Team powered by Samsung, Teemu Kekkonen skipper. Soren Junkers Swegon team is in third place with 24 points.

Tomorrow we hope for sunny weather with lots of wind!


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2013-08-29 First race day

It has been a special day. The first race started with two general re-calls, one became cancelled when the boats were at the marks when it became an unexpected change of wind direction.

Everything went fine in race two, it started right away and was really tight. Race 3 started with a general re-call and a boat was disqualified because of a false start.

- There was a lot of wind today and a very lovely day with lots of interesting sailing. It was very cool pictures that could be taken today, says Tove Gross who was aboard the Volkswagen X-35 World Championships photo boat.

Right now, the jury are going through all the protests received while everyone move to the Mercure Hotel for the After Sail.


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2013-08-28 First day summary

The first day started with some lack of wind, but luckily the wind improved and the sailors got a great warm up for tomorrow's important first races of the World Championships.

- Nobody wanted to winn the Tune-Up Race, since it is concidered to be a bit of bad luck for the rest of the competition. So are very pleased with today's performance, since we got in at third place, says Magnus Castenfors part of the crew in Volkswagen Sailing Team.

Everybody performed well and we are looking forward to tomorrow's races.

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Volkswagen X-35 World Championship in Malmö.

On August 28, the sailing festival begins with an Tune-Up race and Opening ceremony for Volkswagen X-35 World Championship in Malmö. The natural meeting place for sailors and sponsors are Västra Hamnen.
Twenty teams from seven countries will be fighting for the desirable X-35 World Championship buckle. There are many skilled teams on the starting line so there will be a struggle.

Many things will happen in the marina this week as the Worlds will be an activity in Malmö Sail Week. The restaurant Glasklart will have an After Sail after the races. HSBC FEI European Eventing Championships 2013 will also be held at the same time at Ribersborg.

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Newly renovated hotels open doors for sailors:

Mercure Hotel co-partner for Volkswagen X-35 Worlds.

Mercure Hotel is committed to reach new guests in sailing supporters by going in as a partner for two of the summer's major sailing competitions. The hotel chain will be seen both in the ongoing Volkswagen X-35 Cup and th X-35 Worlds in Malmö in late August.

-We sailors are a traveling people, and since we do not live in the racing boat, we need good hotels. Mercure is the perfect accommodation for us with nice hotels and good service, says Klabbe Nylöf, organizer of Volkswagen X-35 Cup an Volkswagen X-35 World Championship in Malmö.

Many Swedes are avid sailors and the interest in sailing is steady increasing. Volkswagen X-35 Cup began in May and has two races to go before the final in Stockholm in September. The X-35 World Championships in X-35 is for the first time organized in Sweden and will be held from August 27 to September 1st.

Contestant check in

In the Volkswagen X-35 Cup Mercure is a partner to Volkswagens own team, Volkswagen Sailing Team and provides both the team and the officials with hotel rooms during the season.
During the X-35 Worlds in Malmö the hotel chain will be present will be visible on the public exposure in the harbour and racing teams will check in at the Mercure Hotel Malmö. Receptions and events related to the X-35 Worlds will also be held at the Hotel.

-Sailing is one of the biggest sports in Sweden so obviously we want to be a partner to these public events. Mercure Hotel Malmö is one of the largest hotels in the region and we have great capacity to take care of the contestant as well as the supporters, says Malin Widmarc-Nilsson, Sales and Marketing Director at Norse Hotels that operates Mercure in Sweden.

Newly renovated hotel with high service

The Mercure Hotel is a hotel chain that opened in the spring in Sweden with newly renovated hotels in Malmö, Nyköping and Stockholm. The hotels have a conference profile with well-developed conference units and also has many guests on weekend trips and vacations.

-Our great strength is the level of service and personal attention at the hotels. And we are good at taking care of large groups, so sailors will be taken care of us, says Malin Widmarc-Nilsson.

Norse Hotels operates in the Nordic countries as an investor and operator in the hotel industry with 1 350 rooms. Most hotels are operated under franchise agreements with international hotel brands. In Sweden, Norse Hotels operates ten Ibis Styles hotels and three Mercure hotels in the country.


Volkswagen X-35 World Championships Malmö Sweden 2013

Volkswagen Stockholm and Whyshore announced that the 2013 X-35 World Championships will be held in Malmö, Sweden August 27 through September 1. The principal yacht club organizer is Nacka Strand Yacht Club with a local partner to be named. Our venue in Malmö will be "Dockan" in "Västra Hamnen" a new seaside development in Malmö.

IMG_8230a.jpgFor the first time, the X-35 World Championships will be held in Sweden. Organizers for this event will be Whyshore Yachting & Marketing, who introduced Volkswagen X-35 Cup in 2010, which today has more than 15 participants. The X-35 class has grown to be a very active class in Sweden since the start of Volkswagen X-35 Cup. Therefore, Sweden and Malmö is an obvious choice for the next World Championships.

"The ambition of the Swedish X-35 Association is that the World Championships 2013 in Malmö should be a great international event, both on sea and on land. We believe it will be ultra-competitive with 30+ boats but also with great social activities onshore. Malmö/Copenhagen offer great opportunities for accompanying families to entertain themselves whilst sailors are out at sea. The Swedish X-35 teams will do the utmost to bring home the title! Looking forward to see all X-35 friends in Malmö in August 2013", says Peter Pohl, chairman of the Swedish X-35 Association.

_MG_8673ws-2.jpgVolkswagen Stockholm is a proud partner of the cup and we are really looking forward this year's Volkswagen X-35 Cup. We are lucky to have the opportunity to top the season with a World Championship, that is fantastic.

- When it comes down to it Volkswagen is always the best, and I am convinced that our young Volkswagen Sailing Team will be at least as good, says Tobias Rückert CEO of Volkswagen Stockholm

The X-35 One Design was introduced in the autumn 2005. The class has had an explosive start, with more than 50 boats on the starting line. The boat is designed by sailors for sailors. In addition to racing at the highest level, the X-35 is a functional and sporty family boat with 8 berths and most amenities. The effective sail plane without large and heavy genuas also makes the boat easy to handle.

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